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Do you know if your New Member Engagement Plan is Working?

Mar 31, 2022 8:53:30 AM


In the past 6 months Amanda Kaiser with Kaiser Insights and the DB team have been asked numerous times to BRING BACK the New Member Engagement Study.  Many of you are wondering how engaging new members has changed over the past few years and what others are doing successfully in this ever-changing landscape.  Are there new techniques that other organizations have implemented that’s working? Do you feel like there is something missing from your new member engagement plan? 

These questions along with many others are what we are setting out to answer in the 2022 New Member Engagement Study launching today. This 10-minute survey will deliver valuable industry information to help association membership directors guide their plans. We are learning that it takes more than just the membership director but the entire organization in ensuring that new members are being felt included and see the value in their association membership. Engaging new members is everyone's responsibility and learning what other associations are doing can have a strong impact on member retention. 

We can’t wait to share what the data shows!  After all, we can have roundtables and discuss new member strategies, but we know the proof is in the numbers.  We hope that you can find ten minutes to complete this survey and help the industry as a whole engage new members better. 

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