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Any Way You Slice It, Online Benchmarking adds Value

Jul 24, 2013 9:00:00 AM

Change can be hard. A new job.  A new home. No matter how exciting or good something is, there’s always an underlying current of trepidation or anxiety that comes with making a change. The same can be said for changing the way we work or the processes we have in place. No matter the benefits that are sure to be had, let’s face it, change can be difficult.

Recently, I’ve spoken to several acquaintances about benchmarking and while most see the many benefits of moving the process online, there were a few who were reluctant to jump in with both feet. In our discussions we found several ways to ease the transition or even use the Dynamic Benchmarking platform as a supplement to traditional benchmarking practices.

Probably the most valued features of our web-based platform are the ease of access and manipulation of collected data. Data collected using traditional surveying methods can easily be uploaded into the Dynamic Benchmarking system so participants can access and interact with the data.  This could even be done with historic data collected from past surveys to give members easy access to information for trend comparisons. For those who are reluctant to move away from printed reports, there is still an opportunity to create and distribute via the platform a PDF of a printed report that showcase industry trends and ‘big picture’ analysis.

So even in its adoption and implementation, online benchmarking is truly a flexible and dynamic process. Use it to augment your already established processes to add value and convenience for your members and, when you’re ready, you can always migrate to the full version or simply continue to use the pieces that work for your organization’s needs. 

For more information on integrating web-based benchmarking into your benchmarking processes, contact me today.