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What happened to the results from your survey?

May 5, 2022 8:55:34 AM


If you are like many associations, you survey your members multiple times a year on a variety of topics. Those surveys are usually conducted with an off-the-shelf product and then your staff spends time on the backend configuring the results and creating reports to release the findings. These surveys may be conducted anonymously or in the case of benchmarking studies, non-anonymous. But let’s get back to the question at hand,

What happens with your data once your survey is completed?

The point in conducting a survey is to gain information from your members that will allow the association to educate and, thus better serve its members. However, many times the survey findings are released in static form and, depending on your member organization’s profile, the findings are not personalized and does not give each member the ability to slice the data based on their own needs.

But how do you put the power in the members’ hands, particularly with anonymous surveys?

Give them the ability to filter the data set on their own!

Dynamic Benchmarking’s new anonymous feature allows associations to harness the power of our benchmarking tool and put it in anonymous mode. This new feature allows members to ultimately see the data the way they need it. As an added bonus; your staff will spend less time configuring and analyzing the results.   

How does it work? Take a look for yourself. We’ve been busy with anonymous data collection for the New Member Engagement Study and are ready to share a sneak peek at some of the results utilizing our anonymous feature. Be sure to slice and dice the data the way you need to see it using the filter tool at the top.

See the Anonymous Filter Feature in Action

Stay tuned for more results and additional ways to anonymously filter the data set including on a question by question basis. can also utilize this feature with non-anonymous surveys via member personal links that not only allow members to slice the data themselves, but also allows them to compare themselves to others.