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DB Delivers Second Industry Survey Platform for ASCA

Jun 13, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Automated Interval Collection and Customizable Reporting Improves Efficiency and Accuracy of Quarterly Clinical & Operational Survey.


WINDHAM, NH (PRWeb) June 13, 2016 - Dynamic Benchmarking, a provider of customized online benchmarking and reporting solutions, is pleased to announce the recent launch of a second benchmarking study for the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA). This new survey collects quarterly clinical and operating data to assess volumes, procedures, complications and other critical and operating metrics.

As the national membership association representing ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), ASCA provides advocacy and resources to assist ASCs in delivering high quality, cost-effective ambulatory surgery to their patients. As part of industry-accepted best practices, most ASCs conduct quarterly reviews of their clinical and business operations, especially those who hold industry accreditations or answer to regulatory boards or oversight committees. ASCA has provided assistance in collecting and analyzing this data for several years, first through a primarily paper-based, static format and later, by moving the survey online. After the initial success of its Salary and Benefits Survey with Dynamic Benchmarking last year, ASCA decided to move the Clinical Operations Survey to Dynamic Benchmarking as well. 

Because of the frequent nature of data collection for this survey, the new Clinical and Operational Survey uses unique “interval” data collection and reporting features for automated, controlled opening and closing of data collection as well for availability of comparisons and reporting.  
“Moving the Clinical and Operational Survey online certainly streamlined the process considerably and reduced some of the workload,” states ASCA Chief Financial Officer, John Greenwich. “However, with the help of Dynamic Benchmarking, we’ve been able to improve the process even further while also adding improved data collection and reporting for our members.”  
One of the more popular features with members is the use of industry standard language and measurements, something not always found with other benchmarking and survey solutions.  
“Many of the users of the Clinical and Operational Survey are nurses,” adds Gina Throneberry, Director of Education and Clinical Affairs for ASCA. “They want a system where they can easily interpret the results based on their experience and knowledge base. Dynamic Benchmarking does that. Results are presented in relevant clinical terms that can readily be presented to accreditors, regulatory boards and oversight committees.”  
The first instance of the new Clinical and Operational Survey collected data for Q1 2016 and released that data for reporting in May 2016. Response to date has been positive and all indications point to member satisfaction and usage to increase going forward.   
“Honestly, just the process alone makes a really big difference,” continues Greenwich. “Moving to Dynamic Benchmarking has resulted in numerous time savings and efficiencies for us as well as an overall improvement in data quality. We’re confident that the added control over and visibility of data for our members will continue to result in increased usage of the survey.”  

The Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (ASCA) is the national membership association that represents ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and provides advocacy and resources to assist ASCs in delivering high quality, cost-effective ambulatory surgery to all the patients they serve. ASCA is working to raise awareness of the important role that ASCs play in the US health care system and the high-quality, cost-effective care that ASCs provide. For more about ASCA, go to


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