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What Unconventional Ways are You Generating Non-Dues Revenue?

Sep 21, 2022 10:44:32 AM

lets-talk- 90% of DEI Platforms are Sponsored -

This past week we hosted a DEI Conversation online on how data is one of the best ways to not only get started with DEI, but also to illustrate your commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  We walked through several success stories of how associations have begun to implement data into their DEI fold and how they are helping their members do the same. We encourage you to watch the webinar at your convenience if you were not able to participate last week.   

This week we are focusing on non-dues revenue.  As a supporter of Non Dues-a-Palooza taking place in Nashville, TN this week, we are excited to learn how others are creatively generating non-dues revenue, and share how we are helping our clients create non-dues revenue through data.  In fact, on our webinar last week, we pointed out that 90% of our DEI platforms are sponsored.  Yes, you heard that correctly 90%.  So, let’s talk a little bit about non-dues revenue.  

Over the past few years, non-dues revenue has taken an increasingly important role in an association’s bottom line.  With recession and inflation top of mind for members and association staff, non-dues revenue will continue to be an important topic.  COVID forced many associations to modify their sponsor packages and analyze methods to generate additional funds.  It is no secret that membership for many associations either declined or stayed stagnant over the past few years, which put pressure on dues revenues and in some cases, we have seen a freeze on dues payments.  At the same time, sponsors were no longer willing to just shell out dough for traditional sponsorship packages.  This led many associations to re-evaluate ways to generate revenue, which leads us to data. 

Members consistently rank data as a top member benefit, so why not leverage it to drive non-dues revenue?  Benchmarking creates an opportunity to generate non-dues revenue through: 

  1. Report sales to non-members
  2. Benchmarking access to non-members
  3. Upgraded reporting resources for members and non-members
  4. Sponsored Platforms

Benchmarking also offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to get in front of your members through branded reports, platforms, and even helping develop reports and filters that pertain to their line of business.   

We can’t wait to share what we learned at Non Dues-a-Palooza with all of you.  Until then, let’s get the conversation started.  How are you creating unconventional non-dues revenue?  


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