Benchmarking Process

Feature Focus: Understanding Your Admin Panel

Sep 29, 2017 9:00:00 AM

The Dynamic Benchmarking Admin Panel is the “mission control center” of your benchmarking activities. Your Admin Panel controls all account and user information as well as provides some very powerful reporting tools for effective study management. It’s your resource for everything you need from granting access to studies to optimizing user participation. It is, quite simply, the most powerful tool at your disposal.


Access to your study, for both internal and external users, is managed through your Admin Panel. If you use an Association Management System (AMS), your Dynamic Benchmarking platform can be integrated with your AMS for seamless user management and reporting. If you don’t have an AMS, the Admin Panel can be used to manage all user data and access issues from granting access to studies and reports to simple password resets.


Your Admin Panel is also where you’ll access reporting designed exclusively for study administrators. One of the most commonly used reports is the Outlier Report, which you can use to identify potentially erroneous data and exclude it from your results. For example, a study question may ask for hourly rates, but several users enter annual rates instead. By using the Outlier Report, one can easily find and exclude these data sets from reporting so they don’t skew the final results.

Progress Reports help you gauge the effectiveness of your survey by showing not only the number of users, but also the level at which they’re participating, providing instant visibility of measurable member engagement.This kind of detailed view is useful for identifying questions that have very low response rates, which may indicate questions which are confusing, irrelevant or too difficult to answer. By monitoring responses at such a detailed level, you can modify your survey to optimize results.

Data exports can also be conducted via the Admin panel should you want to do your analysis and reporting outside of what Dynamic Benchmarking already provides.


Activity Logs allow you to look at any given time period and examine different kinds of user actions – log in data, how many pieces of data have been entered, how many reports have been generated, how many accounts have done a compare action, and more. Activity Logs give you a big picture view of audience engagement with your survey and study results.


Your Admin Panel serves as your control center for the entire lifecycle of your study, so be sure to use it to its fullest. We recommend that you run Progress Reports often. During early deployment, run one before and after sending emails to see which messages are effective in encouraging activity. Later in deployment you can use Outlier Reports to monitor unusual activity and be able to address it, allowing you to gather better data from subsequent reporters. At the reporting stage of your study you can run Activity Reports to see if users are engaging with the results.