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Dynamic Benchmarking: An Insider Perspective

Jun 5, 2014 5:00:00 PM

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve joined Dynamic Benchmarking and it still strikes me every day what an amazing and unique company it is. As a software company, one would expect our technology to be top notch, but the real differentiator is that the corporate culture and team environment at DB are outstanding. We work in close partnership with each of our clients who are often a bit perplexed by us and wonder who we are, so I thought some insight about life inside Dynamic Benchmarking would give our readers a sense of why we’re different and how we excel in our business.

As a Project Manager, it’s my job to guide our clients through the process of developing, building and deploying their benchmarking solutions. Since day one, I have been fully immersed in the process of creating successful benchmarking solutions, uniquely designed to meet each client’s business goals and objectives. Like many start-ups, my responsibilities morph daily, and things are never boring. One day I may be guiding clients to think about Key Performance Indicators and the data needed to measure success, and another I may be elbow deep in branding and site development to bring a platform to “life”. It’s these constantly evolving challenges and a variety of technical and creative skills that make the job exciting and provide me with opportunities to provide the best solution possible for each client. When I encounter a question or challenge that I haven’t yet experienced, I know I can count on the rest of the DB team for support at a moment’s notice.


Our Chief Technology Officer, Betsy Delfosse, said something to me at one of our first meetings that has stuck with me as what is probably, Dynamic Benchmarking’s greatest strength.  She said that one of our commitments is to consistently deliver “the best that DB has to offer” to each and every client.  It is this core value that drives every action at Dynamic Benchmarking. From the technology to customer management, pride of ownership is present in every task and interaction throughout the company. 

I’ve worked for startups and know well the internal competition that exists as co-workers jockey for better positions and recognition. However, there is an air of true teamwork at Dynamic Benchmarking. Everyone shares knowledge and lends a hand where needed to continually advance the quality of our product, services, and customer relations. As a startup, we all wear many hats so being flexible, accommodating and willing to share knowledge with co-workers and clients alike is not the exception, but the norm. There’s a level of transparency with our clients and this, above all else, is why our customers are so satisfied with our work and why our company continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions for benchmarking and data analysis.


Our commitment to quality and detail is highly evident in the thoughtful planning and evolution of the Dynamic Benchmarking platform. Suggestions for enhancements to the platform from our clients and team members are evaluated and systematically tracked. Upgrades are carefully planned and structured to ensure that clients’ projects continue to move forward without interruption or delay. Just as we set forth definitive plans for each client project, we do the same for enhancements to our core technology.


It may surprise you to learn that a team as close as ours works primarily from individual, home offices. The typical Dynamic Benchmarking employee is highly self-motivated, disciplined and committed to a strong work ethic.  We are a cohesive team, able to maintain a tight connection, supporting and advancing projects together just as if we sat next to one another. In fact, because many of our clients also operate in remote or co-located environments, it gives us a unique insight into their operations and an ability to understand their needs at yet another level. 

As I enter the second half of my first year with Dynamic Benchmarking, I look back with fondness at all that I’ve come to learn and those I’ve come to know. I’m very proud to call Dynamic Benchmarking my home and am excited to play an integral role in its continuing growth and success.