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Benchmarking Process

Dynamic Benchmarking Project Managers - Sherpas of the Landscape

Jan 11, 2015 3:00:00 PM

Clients come to Dynamic Benchmarking from a vast array of industries with goals that are just as varied. Likewise, each one’s experience with benchmarking runs the gamut from “highly experienced” to true “newbies”. Regardless of their industry or backgrounds, the clients typically share one trait – they have concerns about their benchmarking study becoming a tedious and daunting task. At Dynamic Benchmarking, we recognize that there are unique nuances to each project that require a personal touch, from experienced, professional guides. We partner each client with a project manager (PM) to lead them through the benchmarking process from beginning to end. Our PMs ensure that each project goes smoothly, offering support and expertise along the way and helping our clients create a much better study than if they were to go it alone. 


Your project begins with a match-up of project manager (PM) who is best suited to your project and goals. Each of our project managers is highly experienced in benchmarking along with complementary skills that benefit their client project. Our team includes members with advanced technology backgrounds and strong analytical skills as well as familiarity with nimble development environments. Each of our project managers have extensive knowledge of process and procedures as well as client-side experience which provides exceptional insight to project needs in both a short and long-term perspective. Your project manager will work with you to identify your study’s goal(s) and the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you wish to measure. A project plan and timeline will be put into place and you are ready to move into the development phase. Additionally, our PMs work in a collaborative environment, providing support to each other and drawing upon the total experience of the entire Dynamic Benchmarking team to ensure that your project is being reviewed by many experienced minds.


The construction of your benchmarking platform is an iterative process. Based on your initial planning meetings, your project manager will create an initial version of your study so you can visualize the end product and get a better idea of the end users’ experience. From here, your study will be refined into the most effective configuration using questions designed to maximize the quantity and quality of responses. Testing of data calculations and report generation is done at this time as well. Before launching your study to your entire audience, your project manager will help you conduct a beta test with a small subset of your most active members. These individuals will test your platform and provide feedback that is used to fine tune your study for maximum impact. This group can also act as ‘champions’ of your study to help introduce it to the entire audience and encourage participation. As you close in on your official launch, you are also provided with a marketing guide that provides numerous tactics for promoting your survey and encouraging participation.


When it’s time for the official launch of your survey, your project manager will also provide you with marketing and communications support to help drive participation. Support is also available for training on using the administrative panel, generating reports and measuring results. Your project manager is always available to answer questions and work with you to ensure optimal results are achieved.


Benchmarking studies do not need to be tedious and time consuming. With the right partner, they can be an enjoyable journey toward enlightenment and knowledge for you and your members. Whether you come from no experience at all with surveys/studies, or have a history of many to draw upon, the Dynamic Benchmarking PMs will help you through the process every step of the way to ensure you have a top quality study that creates real, measurable results.