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Leaders in the Association Industry Have A Single Platform For Data Collection

Mar 2, 2021 2:50:09 PM


In a recent webinar focusing on “The Story Behind the Data” with Joe Bates, the President at The Institute for Association and Nonprofit Research we asked participants to take a poll on the topics their association members are asking for guidance on today. The feedback relayed was:

#1 – Understanding and guiding remote work employees

#2 – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

#3 – Conferences in a Post COVID world

As an association leader, you know that one of your members’ top three value expectations from their association membership is data driven decision help. The other two being advocacy and education. In order to provide insight, guidance and education centered around data on these trending topics such as remote work, it is important to ensure you have an interactive, secure tool that automatically engages your membership. It is also equally important to try and keep the data seamlessly flowing in one system for ease of use for your member experience. So how do you accomplish this?

Complete Data Visibility

Eliminate data silos and conflicting reports, ensuring members are working from a single source of truth. This starts with using a single platform for data collection.

Simplify Engagement

Rely on content marketing strategies with features built into a modern data collection and benchmarking platform to drive member engagement. This is a key to getting a wide data set and making it easy for participants to contribute. It is important to seek out tools allowing your members to receive tailored, automated prompts to answer questions directly from their inbox.

Reduce Security Risk

Using an independent, non-competitive, third party ensures that rules and regulations are being followed as directed by anti-trust laws and Safetyzones. Setting up quick surveys on free online survey tools means you are putting your members data at risk.

Provide Member Value

When using a data collection or benchmarking platform to capture data on trends, current topics or anything customized related to your mission, your organization gets the benefit of providing members value by delivering on-demand/ interactive reporting. Quick, easy to use and customized “me data” reports that can be generated automatically provide an immediate report access helping members make data driven decisions effectively.



DEI Maturity Model, Personalized

Dynamic Benchmarking has created a specialized maturity model that allows companies to easily see where they fall on the diversity, equity and inclusion maturity curve. 

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