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What do sponsors want or expect from your association?

Oct 28, 2021 11:22:33 AM


What do your partner sponsors want or expect for their participation with your association?

Do you know the answer to that question with a high degree of confidence? Unless you have asked them directly the answer is “probably not.” Well, we do not either but we do know that a very high percentage of our association studies are underwritten by sponsors so we know for sure that sponsors are willing to make sizeable investments with associations.

This is the reason that we have teamed up with the Partnership Professionals Network to launch the Sponsorship Survey. The purpose of this anonymous survey is to help better understand the priorities of our sponsor partners.

Please help by forwarding this to some of your corporate sponsors. This is very quick survey but the data is invaluable. The more responses we get the better the data will be.


Sponsorship Survey