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January 27th Webinar Featuring Guest Host Bill Conforti with Association Analytics

Jan 22, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Member Engagement Warning Signs Every Association Should Be Tracking (P.S.....They're not All Negative):

Date: Wednesday January 27th at 2pm EST
Featuring Guest Host Bill Conforti with Association Analytics
Bill and Ray
The member-association interaction has changed and will likely never be the same again.  Every member tells a story via their data, knowing how to listen to their story and understand what it is telling us is more important than ever.  The move to a more virtual relationship certainly presents some challenges, but it also provides us with more information about the health of the member if we pay attention to the data indicators that we will outline in our webinar.
The areas of data management we will cover that will help determine your member engagement warning signs are:
  1. Transactional and Disparate data, the sources, the indicators.  There are more than you think.
  2. What is working and what is not.  The key is not waiting too late to know the difference.
  3. Utilizing & Measuring the Value of Sponsored Content 
  4. What is your message and how it should it adapt based on data.
  5. Staying relevant and how that converts to new opportunities. 
Webinar: Wednesday, January, 27th at 2 pm EST  Sign Up Today