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Join Casey Sclar, Executive Director of APGA, for a Virtual Discussion on Vital Member Data Collection

Oct 1, 2020 1:23:04 PM


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October 8th at 3 pm ET 
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If we've learned anything during the COVID-19 crisis, it's that 'Data is King' when it comes to assisting management in making decisions.  However, many associations were not equipped to collect a key data type that has proven to be a vital member benefit during the pandemic. For those organizations that were equipped to collect member contributed data, they were able to do:

  • Streamline the delivery of timely data to members allowing for more educated decision making
  • Learn how to create more powerful advocacy with data driven requests
  • Understand more clearly the changing needs of their individual members

    Webinar: Wednesday, January, 27th at 2 pm EST  Sign Up Today

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We encourage you attend or watch the webinar. During this webinar we will walk through how your organization can implement these practices and review case studies where these practices were implemented and proven to be successful. When you sign up we will provide you with the recorded virtual discussion even if you cannot attend.



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